Mickey | Raleigh Lifestyle Newborn Session


In the most beautiful townhome, just outside of Raleigh, I met Mickey. His beautiful mama, who is also a photographer, hired me to capture the most precious moments during a lifestyle newborn session. There is nothing I adore more than watching new parents fawn over their baby. It’s such a treat to experience it all, to watch their eyes so full of pride as they stare adoringly at their precious creation. Newborns are my absolute favorite. Their features are so unique and fleeting. Everything from the sounds they make to the way they move. I really love these in home lifestyle newborn sessions because it give you the opportunity to just hang out. You can kiss all over your baby or your partner, you can snuggle, you don’t have to pack up a bag and load the car. They are easy going, which is what we all need after just having a baby.

Christine Trimble is a lifestyle, newborn and family photographer serving Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Southern Pines and Fayetteville areas.

Christine Trimble