Barber Fresh 48 | UNC Chapel Hill

Do you remember those very first moments? The way they stretch out for the first time? Those uncertain little limbs discovering their newfound ability to really stretch with no confines.

Chapel Hill Fresh 48

A Fresh 48 session captures the start of your new little loves “firsts” and I think they may be even more important than a typical newborn session. Those hazy first hours and days are a blur for me now. You are just floating in a sleepless, oxytocin fueled daze. It’s so beautiful and so easy to forget.

It’s when you look into the eyes of the baby you’ve felt moving for 9 months. it’s when you see who they really are. No more imagining what they will look like, there they are… looking at you with adoring wonder.


It’s the first meeting between siblings who will surely grow to be best friends, even if they are a bit unsure at first.


Time is precious and details are fleeting. These newborns, they grow so quickly it can feel like time is running from you. I love photography for this very reason. It’s our chance to freeze it all, to ensure we remember the wrinkled toes, the newborn curl, the quiet moments before they become beautiful chaos.

UNC Baby toes

Chris Trimble is a lifestyle and family photographer serving the Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham and Fayetteville areas in North Carolina. Contact us today to schedule your own Fresh 48 session.

Christine Trimble