When What We Have Is Enough


We all wish for the world for our children. It comes with the territory, doesn’t it? Wanting only the best for them. What about when they are grown and their happiness is out of our hands and into theirs? Will we have given them the right tools? Its heavy stuff, this parenting. Its full of uncertainty and questioning, we always joke about saving for our childrens therapy fund instead of college just in case we really don’t get it right.

Early this morning as I was watching the sun rise I began reflecting on what a gift these children are and how I am overcome with thankfulness for them and for our life, I was awash with pure gratitude. It hit me then, if I teach my children anything in life I want it to be gratitude. Not for material things, no no no. I want them to have gratitude for the most basic things we may not even notice, the wind in our hair, the sun on our face, a thriving garden, a good friend, the chance to start over with each rise of the sun. We are given limitless gifts every day if we just change our perspective a little bit. They will still have goals but they won’t be defined by what’s missing from their lives.


Challenge will be a constant in their lives, just like it is in yours and mine. I hope though, that when they face these challenges, they will have the ability to accept whatever the outcome may be. By teaching them to live in gratitude, it is my hope that they will always have peace in their hearts.I don’t hope to raise doctors or lawyers, I just hope to raise happy children.