Cozy In Home Newborn Session | Aberdeen, NC

Mom holding newborn baby in front of window

You might recognize this little guy, Monty, from a Fresh 48 I blogged a few weeks ago! Its hard to believe he was already 6 weeks old when I visited his home in Aberdeen, NC to document the sweetness that is his family. I adore that his mama booked both a Fresh 48 and a lifestyle newborn session, years from now his family will have these photos to cherish and marvel at how much he grew in such a short time. As a mama of three myself, you’d have a hard time convincing me that there is anything sweeter than a tiny little baby. Their squishy cheeks, tiny toes and that distinct baby smell is just so intoxicating.

Monty, which is short for Montgomery (Hi, cutest name ever!) , had a Star Wars themed nursery complete with wall hangings of the planets and an adorable quilt. I just love seeing how much time and thought goes into preparing such a special place to bring your baby home to.

I always like to ask my clients what images are important to them, what were they envisioning for their session? This mama had such a beautiful home and wanted some photos of them hanging out in the kitchen as well as in “the nest” which is basically the coolest room that every house needs. They had the coziest looking bed made up, perfect for snuggling babies.

I think the very best part of the whole session though, was the very end when Monty smiled while wearing a party hat for his mama’s birthday

baby wearing party hat smiling
Christine Trimble